It’s a peanut!

I was lucky enough to get to make a peanut for a friend/business colleague recently who was due to have a new baby!

She already had a pattern in mind – this one from etsy.

I had a little trouble with the pattern – mostly to do with me than the pattern!  I did need to contact about yarn quantities though as they weren’t specified and the one used wasn’t readily available to me.  If you do purchase the yarn used then one ball should be enough as the designer used 2/3 of a ball to make it.

I didn’t have enough yarn in stock of a suitable colour so I ventured to my local BigW store to see what they had, and I found this Sean the Sheep pack that had a perfect cotton yarn for it.  I’m actually tempted to go and buy another pack to make the wall hanging too…Anyway, I used roughly 2.5 balls from the pack and it contains 5, so should be easy enough to get 2 peanuts from the one pack!

The only other variation I made from the pattern was to finish each piece with a round of single crochet (double crochet for UK).  That is just a personal preference for me to give it a neater edge.

And here is the result…


Isn’t it adorable?!  I can’t wait to see photos of the new baby in it…

If there is something that you’ve seen that you would like made, but you don’t think you have the skills to make it, then feel free to contact me.  I would love to bring your ideas to life too.





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