Floor Mat

I recently made a quick and easy floor mat for my daughters bedroom floor!

We went through the exercise of having her and her eldest brother switch bedrooms over the Easter weekend, and in the process we pulled up the carpet and painted the floor.

This left us with a large white space and a large white floor.

So I shopped at my local BigW and puchased 6 balls of their Sean Sheep yarn – Chenille Tully  in the colours my daughter preferred.

I didn’t use a pattern for this.  I simply used a 15mm hook and worked it up in half double crochet (half treble), starting with 8 in a magic ring and increasing by 8 each round.  I just kept going until I had almost used up the last ball and then finished with a round of slip stitch.

I still haven’t blocked it so it curls up a bit on the edge (an in hindsight I probably should have increased in the final round too!) and I still need to find something to stick to the underside to make it non-slip.  The two things I tried from ebay weren’t really suited to the job –  so any suggestions are welcome!

But my daughter is happy, and I am happy so that’s all that counts right?!


Seona x

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