Christmas Ruffle

My Christmas Ruffle table runner is now available!  This is another design that was created exclusively for Leanne at Yarns for All.


This was design using wollfamos yarn in Christmas colours.  It is beautiful and the one I used had a red sparkly thread all of the way through.  There are four different kits available at Yarns for All that have the pattern and the yarn included.  I can’t wait to see some of the other colours being made too!

I promise that you will enjoy making this one.  It is another design that has that rhythmic feel to it, but it doesn’t get dull in the repeats.  And whether you block it properly, or leave it with the ruffled effect, it will look beautiful on any Christmas table.

Be sure to tag your images on social media with #honouringmecrochet so that I can see them!  I love to see everyones makes.  And if you need any help or ideas, then be sure to join my facebook group too.

Seona xx

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