V-stitch headband

V-stitch is one of my favourites! It’s quick, easy and always looks pretty.

If you’ve never done a v-stitch before it is simply a double crochet, chain 1, double crochet worked into a single stitch or chain space. (If you prefer UK terms then the double crochet is a treble).

I used this stitch recently to make a simple headband out of some left over yarn. It was a dk yarn and I had about 30g left.


Here’s how I made it…

You will need at least 30g dk yarn and a 4mm hook.

Chain in multiples of 3…I chained 21.

To begin…make a v-stitch in the 4th chain from the hook, skip 2 and make a v-stitch in the 3rd stitch. Repeat the steps in bold until you have 2 chains left, then skip 1 and make a double crochet (treble) in the last chain.

Chain 3 (counts as a double crochet/treble) and turn.

Each row is then a v-stitch into the chain space of the v-stitch of the row before and ends with a double crochet/treble in the top of the turning chain.

Keep repeating until it is long enough…for me it was 46 rows total.

Once long enough put the two short ends together and join them with a single crochet (double crochet). Don’t fasten off.

I then did a border around each long edge by working 2 single crochet (double crochet) around the turning chain/double crochet (treble) at the ends. Once I got to the join I slip stitched across it to the other side and then repeated the single crochet (double crochet) around the other long edge. I then wove in the ends and was done!

This is easily adjustable too. Make it narrower by chaining less, just keep to multiples of 3 for your base chain. Make it shorter by doing less rows.

It also works as an ear warmer if you need one of those instead!

If you decide to make one and need some help, be sure to ask in the comments or join my facebook group for help and ideas! All crocheters are welcome!

Seona x

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