The year that was…2018

Can you believe that we’re almost done with 2018 and about to hit 2019?

I feel like everyone says it, the years are flying by.  I’m not sure if it’s technology or age or both, but it really does seem to just fly by now days.

And what a big year of crochet it’s been!  I know that I have made a lot of new things this year, and published new patterns too.  Maybe you’d like to be reminded of some of them…

I’ll remind you anyways!  Some of them were free and some are for purchase, so be sure to stick around while I show you!

Just a few! If you’d like to explore and find some of these then look over my blog posts nosey around my online store.

I look forward to creating and releasing even more for you in this coming year too!

Seona x

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