Doors are open!!

I’m excited!!  The doors to the Hooked on Crochet Club are finally open!  And anyone that joins this week gets to join as a FOUNDING MEMBER!!

How exciting for everyone!!

I have worked hard behind the scenes to create an experience like no other!

And there really is no other Crochet Clubhouse like this.

The clubhouse is designed to help crocheters improve and build on their current skill set.  Whether you’re a Dabbler who is just starting out, a Stitch Master who feels more confident or a Designer that is creating your own designs, there is something for everyone.

Imagine your days with more crochet in them.

Imagine feeling more confident with stitches, more confident reading and following patterns, more confident choosing yarn and knowing what hook size to use!

Imagine building on your crochet skill set every month.

Imagine feeling less stress because you have crochet in your life on a regular basis.

The time to join is limited though and you only have this one week to sign up as a founding member!

Once the doors close at the end of this week, you will never get the opportunity again to be a founding member.  And you will never see the doors open at this price again.

The Hooked on Crochet Club is a crochet club designed just for you.

A club designed by a crocheter with a mission to see crochet loved and enjoyed by everyone!

Click here to learn more of what you get each month and I look forward to seeing you in the clubhouse!

doors open

Seona x

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