Learning to crochet…

Are you a person that enjoys crafts?

Are you a person that needs to keep their hands busy?

Are you a person that is always looking for a creative outlet?

If you say yes to any of those questions, then I encourage you give crochet a try!

Maybe you learned as a kid and haven’t picked up a hook in years.

Maybe you’re like me and used to watch your grandmother crochet and marvel at what she was creating but thought it looked too difficult to learn.

Maybe you have a friend or family member that tried to teach you but they gave up because you “just didn’t get it”.

What ever your reason for not crocheting I encourage you to give it a go.

I also encourage you to start by learning the basics first!

Too often people will try and give up because they just can’t make the hook do what it’s meant to. The biggest reason for that is because they’ve jumped in too far ahead in the process.

How many of us can get in a car and are able to drive it straight away? When we first start driving there feels like there are too many things to remember! Steering, indicating, looking for other cars, changing gears, braking, stop signs, green light, red lights, speed signs…When we first learn to drive it is all so overwhelming and we feel like we’ll never get the hang of it!

Crochet can feel the same when you first start out. The hook feels foreign in our hands. We’re expected to hold and control the yarn in our less dominant hand at the same time as mastering the hook and make stitches. There are slip knots to learn, yarn over, different stitches, counting, reading patterns, following instructions, changing colours! Everything feels so overwhelming and our hands so uncoordinated when we first start out.

And that is why I have put together my beginners guide to crochet. It is designed to help you learn from the very beginning. It is designed to help you get confident in one step before building to the next. Like learning to drive a car, we want to be able to just get in and go. And some of us get familiar with driving quicker than others. And it’s the same with crochet. Some of us get the hang of it all much quicker than others!

And the difference between your success and failure can come down to the lessons you have and the teacher who gives them.

We can all head to youtube to learn. But in doing that you’re jumping in too far in the process.

My beginners guide to crochet will teach you from the beginning. My free crochet learning corner facebook group is available to you to ask for help. And in just over a month’s time, I’ll be going live most days for 2 weeks in the group to deliver crochet lessons to you.

I urge you to give crochet a go! And I would love to help you learn too!

What’s been holding you back from learning? I’d love for you to tell me and I can assist you in what you need to do to change that!

Seona x

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