Where are you on the success path?

Inside the clubhouse we have a path to crochet success.  This is a path that members used to determine how they’re progressing in their crochet journey.

Our path starts with the Dabbler.  A dabbler is someone that is still getting the hang of the basic stitches, cannot read a pattern and wants to try everything!  They will own at least one hook, have enough yarn to play with and can make small projects.

At the other end we have our designers.  A designer is helping other people to read patterns, they’re creating and writing their own designs and are very clear on what projects they do and don’t like to do.

And then there are the levels in between!  Stitch Master, Getting Hooked and Hooked!  Some members are a mix of a few levels, which is normal too as we all progress at different rates and have different areas within the levels that we might be better at than others.

Where do you think you fit on the success path?

How Hooked are you_

We have members in all of these levels in the clubhouse!  So no matter what your current level is on the success path, you will have a place in the clubhouse.

The doors open only a few times a year to the clubhouse, and this month is one of them!  If you want to see exactly where you fit and how you can progress from one stage to the next, then be sure to come and join us.  There is a waitlist that you can add your name to now, and by doing so you’ll get access to the early bird, waitlist only special pricing.

The clubhouse is more than just a community.  It is a place to learn and improve on your crochet skills – and have fun while doing it!

I can’t wait to see who joins us in the clubhouse!  I hope it’s you…be sure to add your name so that you can find out first when the doors open again.

Seona x



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