The Clubhouse Doors are Opening Again!

I’m excited!  The doors to the Hooked on Crochet Club only open a few times a year, and tomorrow is the day!

There are so many reasons why I created the clubhouse the way that I did.  It’s the perfect place for crocheters to come together and I’ve been sharing many of the elements of the clubhouse over the past few days on the clubhouse igtv.  I’d like to share some of them again with you here…

Did you know_The clubhouse is online only! I did this because I had been creating workshops every month for my local community.  It was often difficult to be able to fill the seats as the location or the time was not always suitable.  My mission is to help as many crocheters as possible, and it often felt like I was letting people down as I wasn’t able to help them with their crochet.  It made sense to me to bring it online as it meant that I could bring the joy of crochet and learning it to more people, no matter where they lived in the world.

Live Crochet TutorialsWe have weekly live tutorials!  I’m in many crochet facebook groups and I find that many people ask for help and are most often sent to youtube by other well meaning crocheters.  I felt like people were being let down as unless you know what to search for, you might not find the answer.  Or if you do, it’s usually after watching multiple videos and having to scroll through lots to have one with just what you need.  By having live tutorials every week, it means that I can help and demonstrate exactly what the members need.  It doesn’t matter if the help is needed on a clubhouse project or something else, as long as it’s clubhouse related then I am happy to demonstrate.  I also make myself available to members over email and message too as sometimes the help they need is more immediate.

A chance to win yarn!There is a chance to win yarn! As crocheters we love yarn.  In the early days we might not be overly obsessed with it, but as time goes on and we gain more experience, we start to crave and purchase more yarn.  And that is why I teamed up with Yasmin from BelleMae Yarns.  Yasmins stocks the Scheepjes and Lola ranges of yarn as well as accessories and her customer service is second to none.  I want everyone to experience the joy of purchasing good quality yarn from a valued vendor and so every month in the clubhouse we have a mini challenge with the chance to win two months worth of membership plus postage in yarn!  The name is drawn at random from paticipants on the 4th Wednesday of every month.

I don’t know anyone else that crochetsMany of us don’t know anyone else that crochets!  Given the number of crocheters in the world it might be hard to believe that many of us don’t know someone else in our family or friendship circles that crochets.  I know that it’s true for me.  One of the reasons I took up crochet was because I thought it was a dying craft and knowing what beautiful work my grannie created I didn’t want the craft to disappear.  Apart from those that I have met through my workshops, the clubhouse or other people online, I wasn’t aware of anyone that crocheted.  I have since discovered some relatives and an ex-colleague who crochet, but we don’t really spend time together very often.  On top of that, most of my immediate family and friends don’t understand how much I love to crochet.  The clubhouse is my place for sharing my love and passion for crochet with other people that “get it”.  I can talk more openly about my craft and know that I’m not boring quite as many people!

Needing new crochet projects_We get new projects every month! Many crocheters are often seeking out new projects, but not always having the confidence to start one because it looks too tricky.  The clubhouse delivers two projects every month.  One bigger than the other.  The small one is designed to teach and enable you to practice the design and it comes with a full pre-recorded video tutorial and written pattern.  This helps someone newer to crochet to gain confidence with a smaller project before they decide if they want to take on the bigger one.  The bigger project comes with a full written pattern as well and tutorials can be provided live if needed.  The projects are worked to the rotating themes of texture, rounds or rows.  This means that there is more variety and you get to test out a different style of crochet every month.

1We have a new square every month! The squares are designed to help develop a daily habit as well as teach reading patterns and move someone on to designing.  There is so much value in a simple square.

This is just some of the value that you get in the clubhouse.  If any of these rang true to you, then be sure to add your name to the waitlist!  The doors only open a few times a year and only for a handful of days at a time.  If you’re not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, then be sure to add your name to the list so that you’re notified directly.  And as the clubhouse grows, so will my ability to add more to what is on offer!  I have so many plans for the future, but none of them can happen without you being a part of the journey.

And if you don’t know how to crochet, then I have a surprise waiting for you in the clubhouse too…

I look forward to seeing your name on the waitlist and maybe even inside the clubhouse.

Seona xx


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