How are you?

How are you in these trialling times?

I think that now more than ever, we need to be focussing on doing less, not more, and maintain our mental health as best as we can.

Now more than ever, we can turn to crafts to help us.  Crafts and crochet can be our quiet distraction from the world that is around us and allow us to feel like we have some control over our situation.

The crisis that the world is facing right now will not go on for ever.  We will get through this.  Our ancesters have faced many troubling and difficult times and like them, we will get through this.

Like many, I have had to adjust to working from home full-time.  My schedule and routines are all out of wack, and I am noticing more than ever the positive impact that crochet has on my life.  I need my hook!  As an introvert I thrive in isolation, but I too need some social interaction to keep me going.

No matter the problem, your crochet hook can help solve it...

So if you’re looking for some distractions or ways to bring more crochet into your daily life, then here are some ways I can help you…

Crochet and Chat: I am scheduling some crochet and chat session over zoom.  If you follow me on facebook, you will see the various session times in the events section as I schedule them in.  If you’re on my email list then keep your eyes peeled for emails with session times too.  These sessions are a great opportunity for us to meet over video conference and sit and crochet together.  I will be limiting numbers to each session as it can be difficult if more than one person wants to talk at once, but it’s a great way to feel like you’re in the same room as someone, without actually being physically together.

Square a Day: Now would be a great opportunity to create a square a day habit!  This is something that I promote daily on social media and I have at least two square a day projects that I work on at one time.  My current square a day challenge is almost over, but there is no reason why you can’t still sign up, get access to the patterns and facebook group and start building that habit.

Learn to Crochet: Maybe you have always wanted to learn to crochet but haven’t had the time.  Now you just might!  I have a free guide to crochet and a facebook group with videos in it.  My stitches crochet beginner course is also included in my Hooked on Crochet Club and while the doors are not currently open, you can get started on what I have available and add your name to the waitlist for when they open again soon.

Patterns on Sale: Now is a good time to stock up on patterns and start working on your stash!  I have a sale on in my pattern store to give you 20% off all my patterns.  Just use the code 2020WILLGETBETTER at the checkout for the discount to apply from now until the end of May.  I also have some free patterns available too.

Please keep smiling.  Keep up your hope and find a positive thought in your every day.  We will get through this.

Seona xx

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