Washcloth Series: 12 – Fishy

I know, lame name for a washcloth, but we all know by now that naming my patterns is not my strong point. Lucky the patterns make up for it though!

Jokes aside, this is the last washcloth in my first series! This series has focussed on the body of the washcloth, giving you new stitches and new stitch patterns to try out while making something useful. My next series is going to focus on creating different borders.

But let’s get on with this one now.

This washcloth uses the Herringbone Half Double Crochet (or Herringbone Half Treble for UK terms). And hence the name fishy – assuming other countries have the Herring as a fish?? If not, then you’ve learnt something else too!

This stitch can take a little bit to get used to, but it’s relatively easy to pick up and try. I have a stitch tutorial coming out next week for it, but for those that don’t want to wait, here are the written instructions:

Yarn over (YO), insert your hook into the stitch.  YO and pull the yarn through the stitch to pull up a loop.  You will have 3 loops on your hook.  Pull the first loop on your hook through the second loop on your hook.  You will have 2 loops on your hook.  YO, pull through the two loops on your hook.

Simple. But it takes practice to not add in the yarn over that you’re used to doing for both the half double crochet and double crochet.

The instructions for this washcloth are quite simple too. I’ve given them in US terms. If you prefer the UK terms then here is how I have defined them. You might also see the herringbone referred to as HBhdc / HBhtr

ssslip stitchssslip stitch
scsingle crochetdcdouble crochet
hdchalf double crochethtrhalf treble
HhdcHerringbone half double crochetHhtrHerringbone Half treble

As with all my washcloths I have used KnitPicks Dishie. And for this one I have used a 5mm hook.

BeginChain 41
 Row 11Hhdc into the 2nd chain from your hook.  1Hhdc into each chain on your hook. Ch1 and turn (40)
 Row 21Hhdc into each stitch to the end.  ch1 and turn (40)
Row 3- 36Repeat row 2
Row 37/ Rnd 1Side 1:  1sc into each stitch
Corner: 2sc into the corner
Side 2: 1sc worked around each ch1 or Hhdc – work evenly. Aiming for 1 stitch per row.
Corner: 2sc into the corner
Repeat the above for the remaining 2 sides and corners. Ss to the top of the first sc to finish the round.  
Rnd 2Ch2, 2hdc into the same stitch
Skip 1, 3hdc into the next stitch
Repeat the steps in bold to the corner
5hdc into the corner stitch
Repeat the steps above for each side and corner.
ss to the top of the 1st ch2 to finish the round.

If you’re a clubhouse member, then be sure to keep an eye on your inbox as you’ll receive a copy of the pdf pattern this weekend!

If you wish to purchase the pdf of this pattern then you can find it in any of these locations:

online store | etsy | ravelry | lovecrafts

And stay tuned too, because I have plans to generate an ebook of all these washcloths!


Seona x

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