Temperature Blanket

Who’s interested in making a temperature blanket in 2021?!

If you follow me on instagram then you most likely have seen me go live or post a picture of my Temperature Blanket for 2020. This was my first ever temperature blanket, and I have to admit that I have had fun making it. And never have I ever paid so much attention to the weather!

I have decided to make another one for 2021, and quite possibly will make one every year for the foreseeable future. For 2021 I have chosen a pastel pallet. Similar in colours to this year’s blanket, but a pastel range.

For those of you that haven’t seen my blanket or aren’t sure what a temperature blanket is, then let me explain!

Essentially, you pick your colours, decide on a temperature range for each colour, then record the daily maximum temperature for the city where you live and then make a square for that temperature for that day. The picture below is how mine was looking as of the end of October.

I opted to work diagonally and joined as I went. And there are no set rules to how you can design and make your blanket. I chose squares as I’m a fan of how quick and east they are. These are a three round traditional grannie square that takes me 10 minutes or less to make. I’ve seen the blankets created from rows, a large square for each month and even turned into shawls. I’ve also seen the minimum temperature included.

If you’re wanting to make a temperature blanket, then you’ll want to check out my free download! The download contains all the instructions and includes the yarn and colours that I used for this years blanket that you see above. I have also added more to it. This year I have included a place for you to plan out your own colours and temperatures using 10 colours. And I have included a grid for you to record all of your temperatures so that if you don’t make a square each day you still have a record of the temperature.

So who is wanting to make one?

Seona x

2 thoughts on “Temperature Blanket

  1. Please can you tell me how big your finished blanket is? I’m starting mine as soon as my wool arrives and I’m not sure how many rounds to do on my squares. Thank you


    1. Mine ended up being approximately 100cm x 120cm – a very manageable size! If you want to determine size, the easiest way is to make one square and measure it, then muliply it by the number of squares per side. It will end up being at least that long and wide.


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