Washcloth 3, Series 2

I almost decided not to include this washcloth in the series. I had it in my plan, but when I went to make it I couldn’t help but think that the thought the border was too simple.

But you know what?

Sometimes simple is just what we need!

And sometimes by keeping it simple, we can let the colour do the talking.

So I kept it in.

This border is the perfect finish to almost any blanket project. It’s simple, can be on any stitch count. Can be as many rounds as you want in as many colours as you want.

So sometimes it’s good to keep it simple.

This one ended up reminding me of those sports socks with the stripes at the top!

It really is as simple as one double crochet in each stitch and five double crochet in the corner stitch – that’s treble if you’re preferring UK terms.

The pattern can be found in full detail in my store and other sites below. All members of my Hooked on Crochet Club will receive the pdf in their inbox. And if you purchase it from my online store or etsy store you will also receive the stitch tutorial for double crochet.

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crafts

So what do you think? Is simple ok for you?



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