Do you have a hobby?

This morning I was listening to Tracy Harris’ MWH podcast episode 278 and was prompted to write this blog post. She spoke about the importance of having a hobby. And while it was directed to mums in business it made me realise that there are many people out there that don’t make time for a hobby.

I used to be one of them. And then almost 5 years ago now I made the time to learn crochet amd my world was changed.

Not only did I discover a craft that truly spoke to me, & eventually started my business based around it, but I found more calm in my life by making more time for me on a daily basis. And one of the drivers behind me starting my Hooked on Crochet Club is because I wanted more people to learn crochet and be encouraged to find more time for it, because crochet is one of those hobbies that just gives so much back.

So are you someone that allows time for a hobby?

As a working mum I can’t stress enough how important it is to make time for you and make time for you with a hobby. Exercise and social time with friends and the occassional hair appointment and massage are not enough. I know. For many years (2 decades) that was my me time. I exercised consistently for at least 3-5 days a week. I had hair appointments regularly. I caught up with other parents while my kids trained in their sport. But it wasn’t until I started to crochet that I really started to see the benefits of effective “me time”.

A hobby gives you effective me time. And the more often you can make time for the hobby, the more effective it can be. And by effective, I mean it allows you to truly feel the benefits of making time for you. It then allows you to be more present for others because you have filled your own cup.

I have become a much calmer, much more patient person since starting crochet. And (I believe) the biggest reason for that is because it enables me to truly unwind and be free. I have become a much nicer person to be around as I rarely ever have to yell out my frustrations to feel heard. My hook hears me. My hook listens. Making time for crochet allows my mind to wander and think things out. My hook picks up my mood and moves faster when I am feeling annoyed and frustrated and slower when I am more calm. And then eventually we work together in a peaceful rhythm and all becomes well.

Crochet might not be your thing, and I get that (well I try to!). But finding a hobby that fills your void and makes you feel whole is a must. I’ve always had craft to turn to, but it was always infrequent. I enjoy sewing, but without a space set up that I can turn to when I need time for me, it became years between sewing sessions. I read daily again now too, but struggle to allow myself to spend a lot of time with it (plus I fall asleep!). Crochet is just so versatile with what I can create and where I can do it, and I know there are hundreds of thousands of people (mostly women) around the world that will attest to the value of crochet as being more than just a craft.

So if crochet is something you want to have a go at to see if it’s a hobby that you can make time for, then I encourage you to download my free beginners guide and join my crochet learning corner facebook group. The worst that can happen is that you discover it’s not a hobby for you! But if you don’t love it you can at least say you tried and it might encourage you to seek out what hobby will give you what you need.

Seona x

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