It’s Baaaack!

What’s back?

The square a day challenge!

This is a challenge we host a few times a year to encourage you to create a daily crochet habit. We know how easy it is for life to get in the way of doing something we love, so this challenge is set to remind you how much fun crochet is and how much we all need some craft in our daily lives!

Crochet is one of (if not) THE most versatile crafts around. You can take it almost anywhere, make almost anything and it brings so much added bonus to every day. And a single simple square is an easy way for you to dedicate some much needed time to you and your craft.

So how does it work?

You sign up and we provide you with the patterns for four squares. You can choose one (or more) of them to make each day, or you can choose your own. And if you have a WIP sitting in the naughty corner you can even choose to bring that out and work on it each day instead. We also have a facebook group that you can join and receive daily prompts and get to see what else everyone else is making each day.

And if you’re wondering what you can make with your squares…well anything you want! I have many blog posts that you can view for ideas so feel free to go back through them or check out my pinterest board where they’re saved to too.

So are you in? Yes? Woohoo! you can sign up here! And then check your inbox for all that you need.

oh…and it all kicks off July 1st and will run for the entire month! So get your hooks and stash ready for a month filled with squares!

Seona x

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