The Hooked on Crochet Club just got better!

I am always looking for ways to make the Hooked on Crochet Club better for our members and that is why we’ve introduced yarn reviews!

This idea partly came about because I was thinking of excuses to buy more yarn. I have a sizeable stash and have been working through yarn that I purchased for no purpose other than I “might need it one day” or “it looks so pretty”, and I’ve been trying to only buy yarn that I need or will use and less of the yarn that I want.

It was also partly inspired by wanting to try new yarns that I haven’t tried but not wanting to get stuck with a whole stash I know I won’t use. I’m sure I’m not alone in only having access to yarn online. I like to have yarn in my stash for ideas that come to me and I prefer to buy in large amounts so that I am not limited when an idea comes to me. As a designer I also like to have options! So it becomes limiting when you’re wanting to try new yarns but don’t want to commit to the shipping costs associated with the smaller orders.

And then it hit me. I won’t be the only one holding back on trying new yarns! My members probably are too. So I pitched the idea to them and it’s a winner!

So how does it work?

We have a template in place so that all yarn reviews cover the same information. They can be provided by members on yarn they have used or by me. But the added bonus to it is that members can request for me to purchase and try a yarn out! So they don’t need to commit to a new yarn if what they learn about it doesn’t suit their needs. It’s a win win situation!

We’ve had a few yarn reviews already and I have just purchased a variety of yarns that either members or I have been wanting to try. I’m excited for the yarn to arrive so that I can test it out for them! The reviews cover a number of things that are handy to know such as – how many colours are available, what is it like to work with, shipping costs, and how does it feel. As we build up a library of them we’ll set up a comparison sheet so that it is easier to compare by ply or colours or cost.

Sounds awesome right?!

My members think so too! We have a waitlist building for when the doors to the Clubhouse next open, so if crochet and yarn reviews are something that you’re interested you’ll want to be adding your name to it! Head here to show your interest.

Seona x

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