Learn to Read Patterns One Square at a Time

Did you know that making squares can also help you to learn to read patterns?

It’s true! My Square a Day Challenge is proof as it is how I helped hundreds of women learn to read patterns last November.

I’m going to get to the point quickly today…my Square a Day Challenge is back again with it’s new format. Five days, five squares, and five chances to learn something new each day, including how to read patterns! And even better…IT’S FREE!!!

That’s correct! It’s free for you to participate and learn to read patterns, learn new stitches, learn new squares (or brush up on ones you ahven’t made in a while) and get project ideas just by making one square a day.

So if you’re ready to learn to read patterns, and commit to making time to make one square each day for five days then you need to head on over and sign up now! It starts February 14th, but you don’t want to wait too long to sign up as we have a few things to do to prepare before it all starts.

I look forward to making a square a day with you!

Seona x

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