It’s time to bundle up and save…

I know, this one sounds a little sales pitchy, but I promise it’s in your best interest!

No one loves a bargain better than me and I have just made it possible for you to grab a bargain with all of my patterns that are available in my store – and no coupon code is needed!

All you need to do is add $20 or more of patterns to your cart and you will automatically save 40%.

I can’t promise that this will always be available, but it is right now, so why not go and treat yourself to a bunch of patterns and save.

And I have a lot of patterns to choose from.

There are 30+ washcloth patterns available that are designed to teach you new skills while making something usefule.

There are 20 scarves and shawls to choose from and over a dozen of them designed for gradient yarns.

AND there are patterns for blankets, cushion covers, hats and accessories! So many to choose from.

So why not create your own pattern bundle, (or even add the existing bundles) and save?!

All you need to do is click on the image above or head here and start bundling!


Seona x

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