Texture, Rounds or Rows…

Texture, rounds or rows…which is your favourite in crochet? And which do you need more practice in?

This is a question I asked recently inside the Hooked on Crochet Club for one of our yarn draw challenges and the answer surprised me a bit – mostly because the answer most people gave as being their favourite was the opposite to me!

So what was their favourite?

Rounds! I love a good square and make them daily, but other projects in the round – especially amigirumi – I have less fun with as there is often too much counting for me to relax with it properly. Texture was the next favourite and rows was close behind.

And as you can probably guess, that means what people need to work on more is rows and texture. Some of the struggles they said they had the most with rows is keeping the ends neat and not losing stitches.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Is rounds your favourite like many of our members? Let me know!

These are the most recent projects from texture, rounds and rows that our members got to play with and practice on. Every month inside the Hooked on Crochet Club we focus on one of these themes and we’ve built up quite a library of projects now with over 3 years of monthly projects to play with and new ones coming out every single month.

And the projects and design of the Hooked on Crochet Club is all geared around helping our members learn and grow every single month. The two projects that come out complement each other. Project 1 is always a smaller project and comes with a pre-recorded video and written pattern. It gives members an opportunity to try out the design and stitches on a smaller, less overwhelming project. If they enjoy it and want to make Project 2, then they can. And even better, I also provide instructions for how they can change the pattern up so that they can turn it into something else if they want to! For example, Lesley turned the bag into a mat for her plant and Liz turned the mug rug into a scarf!

I love seeing what our members achieve every month. It brings me so much joy to see them try something new and share their accomplishments – even if the project doesn’t turn out “perfectly”. Being surrounded by women who have invested in themselves and their craft makes me happy and I know that it makes our members happy too. They know that they are in a safe place to learn and grow with their craft.

Not a member yet? Add your name to the waitlist for when the doors open in October – for the last time this year!

Want to get practising on one or more of the themes before you can join? The next best thing to do is check out my washcloth patterns. This year they have also followed the themes of texture, rounds and rows so you can pick and choose from the ones you need to work on most. As a member you’ll also receive the current month’s washcloth and if you join quickly enough when the doors open, then as a bonus you’ll receive every single washcloth that I have released – that alone makes it worthwhile adding your name to the waitlist as the numbers are limited!

Seona x

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