Flower Power in a Washcloth

I love a daisy. A simple daisy. And that is what I had in mind when I started to design this washcloth. But what I had in my head was not going to be a simple design when I set to creating it, so I just went with – make it look like a flower.

And it seems to have worked! When I asked in my instagram stories what flower it reminded everyone of, I didn’t get the same answer from anyone, so instead of naming this washcloth after a specific flower, I decided to go with Flower Power.

What do you think? What flower does it remind you of?

If you’re keen to make this one yourself, it’s a perfect stash buster and would definitely liven up any bathroom. You have unlimited options with colour too!

As with all my washcloths, I used Knit Picks Dishie Yarn. And I’m loving my current stash of lovely pastel and neutral colours.

You can find it in my stores:

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crafts

This washcloth will be sent to all of my current Hooked on Crochet Club members this weekend – if you you’re not a member yet, but are curious to know more, then be sure to head here.

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