Simple Granny Square Wall Hanging

I love my crochet wll hangings and this one is no exception! And it can’t get much simpler than this either.

I had a square wire frame that I had purchased from a local craft store and decided to make a traditionl granny square to fill the frame. It’s simple and easy to hang from the corner. Or you can add a loop on any side and hang it from the loop instead.

I used a mercerised 4 ply cotton from my stash and just kept adding rounds until it was big enough. Then I attached it to the frame.

What do you think? What colours would you use to make one?

I’ll be showing members of the Hooked on Crochet Club how I made this project in our week 2 hook and learn lesson this month. Not a member? You can learn more here

Seona x.

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