Crochet Beginners Bootcamp – Recap

Did you join us last week for the Crochet Beginners Bootcamp? If you missed it, then I thought it might be helpful to give you a recap! Crochet is an important part of my life, for many many reasons, but one of them is the mindfulness benefits that it brings to me. And this is something that I want for you too.

I know that life is busy. When isn’t it?! But that just makes it even more important to start to set time aside for you on a regular basis. Because we all know that tomorrow is always tomorrow. Today is the day to start if you want to do something that is important!

So consider this your crash course in Crochet. Everything that I taught in the Crochet Beginners Bootcamp, is the foundation to what you need to know to really get started in the craft. It’s a lot though. So I encourage you to take it one lesson a time and then only move on to the next lesson when you feel comfortable. And spend as much time on day one as you really need. It’s important. Because this craft has sooooo much that it can give to you and I want you to succeed.

I recommend saving this blog post for later so that you can come back to each lesson as and when you need it. Below I will link to each live lesson and you can also join our free facebook group to ask any questions that you might have along the way.

And if you already crochet, then I also encourage you to watch these videos – there is always something new that you might learn that can help you on your crochet journey!

Day 1 – The Foundations

Day 2 – Working in the Round

Day 3 – Working in Rows

Day 4 – Creating Texture

Day 5 – Making Things

Enjoy! And let me know what helped you most with these lessons…


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