Grannie Square Blanket

IMG_3184.jpgWell…who doesn’t like a grannie square blanket??

Me actually…well I never used to.  I think it was because of the colour combinations that were always used.  I never really saw any that I liked and it made me not like them.

But I think it’s time to make the grannie square fashionable again!  It’s time to spruce it up with modern colours and a modern design.  Because let’s face it – a grannie square is one of the easiest style blankets to make!  It doesn’t require much in the way of counting and as long as you can understand the difference between the corners and the sides, then you’re set!

So this is my version of a grannie square blanket.  I made this one as a gift to my son’s girlfriend for her 21st birthday.  She asked for a gift card for make-up that she likes, but I didn’t feel comfortable with just giving her a card and “money”.  So I made her a blanket in her favourite colours.

So here is a link to my pattern – it’s free and in my store now!

Grannie square pattern

And as always, I would love it if you showed me your versions or tell me what you think!


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