Rainbow Bright

IMG_5355.jpgI designed and made this blanket for Wheelchairs for Kids in Perth Western Australia, a charity that makes wheelchairs for kids in disadvantaged countries. With every wheelchair they give the child a 90cm x 90cm blanket and a stuffed toy.  They also give the family of the child a full-sized blanket as well.

I created this blanket so that I could use up some cheap acrylic that I had in my stash – the rainbow and coloured stripes – and I teamed it up with a good quality Patons acrylic.  It was a wonderful way to use up the not so good yarn and still have a blanket that is soft and durable!

The pattern is available in my store now for a small price – and remember that all new patterns are 50% off to begin with!  You can find it here.



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