In case you missed it, today on instragram I gave a bit of an intro to who I am and put my face to the name…below is a copy and paste to say hi here too!


Hi! I thought it might be time to put a face to my page 😊 This is me! My name is Seona and I am the designer and creator for all the patterns and items you’ll find under the Honouring M.E. name. Some of you on ig know something about me already from my personal account @seona74, and I welcome and encourage you to go “check me out”! I’m a wife and mother to 5 (3 we created & 2 we foster) as well as a Senior Manager QA in the biotech industry. I’m also currently studying for my MBA and have my second last exam tonight! So as you can imagine, crochet is my outlet for creativity and calm!
I’m new to crochet, but I am not new to crafting. I sew and take photos and have always loved to be creative. You will find my QA skills come through in my patterns. I have written hundreds of procedures and know how to write and format in a way that makes everything clear. Any pattern that I write up and sell is because I LOVED the item I created and I want you to get the same joy out of creating it too.
I welcome you to say hi! I’d love to know you more too 😊😊
P.S. And I am aiming to get the pattern for this and another cowl soon – I have just about lived in this one every day since I made it!


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