Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet??

Did you see my post on my facebook page yesterday?  I have a series of tutorials coming soon so that anyone can learn to crochet!  Here is the post in case you missed it, plus a copy of the image that I shared.


So why am I doing this?  Because I love crochet!  And I want you to love it too! AND because I have the right skills to teach you.  I have spent more than a decade writing procedures and creating training material, as well as delivering training as part of my every day job.  All I am doing is transferring these skills to my crochet world so that you can benefit from them.

But before you start you’re going to need the right tools…right?!  So to help you I’ve put together this guide – 01 Getting Started –  which will help you pick all of the tools that you will need before we start the lessons.  Included in it is how to pick the right hook, the right yarn and what other accessories you might need, especially as you get more skilled.

I have also included direct links within the document to two online sites that I use all the time – Love Crochet in the UK and Knit Picks in the US.  If you’re shopping from Australia, both are awesome, but Knit Picks deliver sooner so you don’t need to wait as long for what you have ordered.  Not an online shopper?? That’s ok, the guide also helps you with what to look for in your local store.

So what will will you need to do now??

Start by liking my facebook page so that you don’t miss out on the tutorials and other news as it comes out.  Plus you can see photos of awesome crochet work that you will one day be able to create!

And if you haven’t already – download the guide 01 Getting Started now! And go and buy all that you need – one hook and one ball of yarn will get you started.

And tell everyone!  Surely you know a friend that wants to learn??  Or someone that already crochets and wants to get better at it??  They might already know the basics, but after the beginner series comes out I will also be doing regular tutorials with different stitches and other crochet skills you could learn.

So spread the word peoples!  Let everyone know that I am getting ready to teach you!


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