Beginner Series- LESSON 1!


Collage 2017-10-11 10_52_51Before we can learn the basic crochet stitches, it is important to feel comfortable with the foundations.  Too often when we learn something new in crafts, we just want to get in and start making things!  The problem with this however is that we try to do too much too soon, and then get disheartened when it doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to.

So I encourage you to follow each step in these lessons so that you master one skill before moving on to the next!  It worked for me, and I am sure that it will work for you too.

So the first lesson is learning the foundations. Mastering these are important in being able to master the stitches.  You can’t expect to make stitches properly if you struggle to hold your hook and your yarn and can’t yarn over and make a consistent chain.  When you are a true master of the foundations you will be holding your hook and your yarn and making a chain without thinking about what you’re doing.  When you are at that stage you will then be able to put your focus on the part your really want – making stitches!

So let’s get on with it!

I have created a pdf picture tutorial that acts as a step by step guide to learning the foundations in crochet.  You can download this for free from my store and I’ve also included a copy on this blog – 02 LEARNING THE FOUNDATIONS.  This can be printed or saved to your computer or ibooks in your ipad and can go with you anywhere.  It can also be a handy reference guide if you forget something or need to clarify a step.

I have also created a short video that explains and demonstrates the steps that you see in the picture tutorial.  You can find this here on you tube.

And please come and join me by liking my facebook page and joining my facebook group.  The page will help you keep up to date with what I am doing.  The group is the perfect place to ask for help or further guidance.  I want everyone to love crochet as much as I do, so please come and join me and share in the joy that is crochet!



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