Beginner Series – LESSON 2

Learning the Basic Stitches

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We’re now on to Lesson 2!

So by now you will have mastered the foundations for crochet – how to hold your hook, how to hold your yarn, making a slip knot and making a chain.  If you haven’t mastered them and it doesn’t feel like second nature to you to do each of these, then continue to practice!  You will want to feel proficient in these so that learning to make the stitches is easier to master.

If you missed the blog for Lesson 1, you can find it here.

In this lesson we will start to master the basic stitches as well as introduce you to the terminology that you will see or hear.  The basic stitches are ones that will form the foundations of many of the special stitches that can be made, so it is important to master these so that you can then transition on to other ones!

So what will you learn in this lesson?  You will be introduced to both the US and UK terminology – because yes! there are two languages in crochet!  You will also learn where to work into the chain and how to make a slip stitch, and single, half double and double crochet stitches (US terminology).

As with Lesson 1, I have created a written picture tutorial for all of the steps which you can find here – LESSON 02 LEARNING THE BASIC STITCHES or you can also download it for free from my store.

There is also a video!  And you can find it here on you tube.

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