Beginner Series – Lesson 3!

Collage 2017-10-15 10_05_33.jpg

Can you believe we’re now up to Lesson 3??!  How are you finding crochet so far??  By now you should be confident to make the basic stitches which means we can now start to put them together to make rounds and rows!

As the names suggest when we work in rows we are working backwards and forwards to make our crochet item.  When we are working in rounds we are working round and round, making each round bigger or taller as we go.  Rounds can be worked in a circle or a square – or even a rectangle or triangle!

So in this lesson I will teach you all that you need to know to start to make stitches into pieces of work.  Before you know it you’ll be able to start to make your own blankets, coasters, cushion covers, scarves, cowls….the list goes on and on!  Can you see why I never grow tired of this craft??

As with the previous lessons, this one comes with a pdf picture guide and a video.  The pdf is here – Lesson 3 WORKING IN ROUNDS AND ROWS or in my store for free from here.

The video is on YouTube here!

And don’t forget to join my facebook page and group if you haven’t done so already!  I look forward to seeing what you create and I will be available in the group if you need help with anything!


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