Fan Whirl

It’s time for another new pattern!  My studies are over now and I have more spare time in the mornings before work, which means I can spend more time on crochet related activities!


So I have now completed my pattern for the last Scheepjes Whirl project I had going – did you see it on instagram or facebook while I was making it?

I really enjoyed making this one.  I found the stitch design in the Crochet Yourself Calm Book which you can find in either US or UK terms – just check out the country it was published in.  The design really was calming.  The stitch repeats per row were easy to remember – though I did have to pull it apart a few times as I kept forgetting to check my notes  properly!  It’s quite forgiving too if you mess up a section as it’s easy enough to skip an extra stitch or add in another one to make it all even again.

I loved the overall size of it too!  I made it as an infinity cowl in the round so that there is no need to join any of it together in the end.  It ends up around 60cm both tall and wide when laid flat in the circle, and it works beautifully as either a shrug/poncho, infinity scarf or wrapped twice to make a nice thick and warm cowl.  It’s a shame that it’s summer here now, but it will still be perfect for a chilly evening.

If you’re in Australia and reading this, then Yarns for All is my go to place to buy the whirl – and she’s located in Perth so I always get them the next day!  I’m already eyeing off my next whirl too, which I see is now back in stock.

Anyways!  you can find the pattern here in my store…be sure to get it while it’s a new pattern and at half price!  You can find it on ravelry and lovecrochet too, but the discount only applies in my store.

And if you haven’t already, then don’t forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter!  The sign up page is in my store and the newsletter will come out on the first of every month.  It’s my way to keep you even more up to date with my projects, new patterns and giveaways or discounts every month – and it’s the only place you’ll find my giveaways!

I really hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do!


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