Fan Square

It’s time for another new pattern!

This one is an alternate of my Fan Whirl that you might remember from here. I loved making the Fan Whirl and I was asked by a friend Kate to make her a baby blanket in the same design.

Kate chose a Stenli Muffin cake for her blanket, and as I had no idea how big it would end up it made the most sense to design the blanket as a square so that the blanket could just keep getting bigger and bigger until I ran out of yarn!  As the Fan Whirl was worked as a round, this meant designing it to work as a square.

But I managed and now you can make it too!


This is definitely a very calming blanket to make.  And totally adjustable.  You can even stop at round 5 or 6 and make it into a pretty square to join together!

The pattern is available here in my store.  Make sure you get in quick while it’s a free pattern and use the 50% off coupon!  It will also be available to one lucky subscriber with a Stenli Muffin of their choice, so make sure you sign up before March starts!  Check out the beautiful options for Stenli muffins here.



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