How cute is this Rabbit??


I first discovered Kate and Terri from KaTerri Creations when I found Terri on instagram.  They sell their beautiful creations in the Artisan Store locally to me in Fremantle, but will also take personal orders if you send them a message or email.

I decided that I couldn’t resist and even though I can crochet (obviously!), I decided to reach out to Terri and ask if she could make me a rabbit for my 16 year old daughter, Olivia.  She was more than happy to make me one to my preferences!

I asked for it to be a match for my daughter’s pet rabbit Albus.  This could be a companion for the rabbit and for Olivia when she needs to travel for her sport (which is often!).  I sent Terri photos of Albus and she came back with her suggestions – which was for a girl one with brown ears and a heart over her eye. When she had made her she also messaged to ask Olivia’s favourite colour and preferences for bows or flowers and if we wanted a skirt.  We decided on purple and yes to a skirt, and left the rest to Terri to decide.

Needless to say, both Olivia and I were super impressed and pleased with Ginny!  And Albus is quite pleased with her too.


And when Ginny arrived, we found that Terri had also made her a carrot and sent a real carrot for Albus (which he devoured!).

I promise that you won’t be disappointed if you reach out to the girls at KaTerri Creations.  Their work is super impressive, and they’re making lots of rabbits now for easter…

And how cute is this tail??!!



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