Gradient Cowl


Welcome to my new cowl – the Gradient Cowl!  This is another fun one to make.  It is worked in the round because I prefer to not have to join things if I don’t have to.  Plus I prefer the gradient to be from top to bottom when I wear it, and not from side to side.

This uses the Crossball stitch that I found in my 500 stitches book.  It is slightly modified though as it is worked in the round and not in rows.  It is quite fun once you get used to it and adds some easy texture.

You don’t need to use a gradient cake either.  The textured stitch will give style to a plain yarn too!.

The yarn I used was a merino dk that had been hand dyed from Natural Fibre Arts.  I bought it a while ago and it has been staring at me from my shelf begging to be made into something!  I’m in the process of creating patterns to turn into a gradient cake ebook, so this will eventually be one that is included in there.

If you want the pattern now though, it is in my store.  Be sure to get it while it is still a new pattern and apply my NEWPATTERN code to get 50% off.


I would love to see your versions of it too!  Be sure to tag #honouringmecrochet on anything you have made.

Seona x

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