What can I say?!  This was a very long and time consuming project, but one that was very much worth the effort!  I am also very pleased that I have finished it!

This was an idea that I had after looking for blankets on pinterest.  I saw a few variations of it, but no patterns, and they were all missing something in the design that made it look less than the real thing.  So I embarked on designing my own square, that met my fussy son’s requirements and then set about making all of the squares.  We even played a game of tetris and took screen shots to come up with the design.

I certainly could have improved on the finish by weaving in the ends instead of crocheting them in, but with that many ends, I was determined to be as efficient as possible!

But anyway, the pattern is now written up and available here in my store.  I used paintbox simply dk acrylics too.  It was my first time using this yarn and it was definitely a well priced and decent acrylic to work with in such a large project!

If you want to see progress shots, then be sure to check out #zachstetrisblanket on instagram!

I would love to see yours in the tag one day too!

Seona x

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