Blend & Button Cowl

I really need to get more exciting pattern names!  Maybe I should use a random name generator??  But anyway…here is my latest pattern!  My Blend and Button cowl.  a MUST HAVE for winter and for layering in the cooler weather!


I created this after making a hat from a free pattern I found on love crochet – this one– and my one looked like this…


So this hat introduced me to using a lace or fingering weight yarn with a DK weight yarn to give me a worsted weight yarn – a yarn weight that is hard to find in Australia!  And it made it soooooo much easier to use the really light yarn, that if you’re like me, is a killer for the eyes!

Here is a close up of the two yarns together.


So of course, being a long weekend and still having yarn left to use, I just had to make a matching cowl for this hat.

Which means that you get a new pattern to play with!  This pattern is suitable for a beginner and you can use any yarn you like really.  If you have worsted weight then play around with that instead.  This is a quick and easy weekend project and perfect gift for those needing one in the cooler months.

I used Heirloom Alpaca and Wys Exquisite.  I don’t have links for them, sorry!, but I’m sure that you will be able to find a yarn to suit.

I do have a link to the pattern though! Be sure to get it while it is a new pattern and apply the 50% off code NEWPATTERN.  And if you’re not sure on yarn or need some help with the pattern, be sure to join my facebook group so that you can access me directly for questions and support.

seona x

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