Modified Grannie Dishcloth

It’s time for a new dishcloth and this one is super simple!

I decided to make a modified grannie square by working 4 double crochets (trebles) together instead of the usual 3.  I also worked a chain 1 space between them and 3 chain spaces into each corner.


As with all of my dishcloths, I used knit picks dishie yarn and a 5.5mm hook.  This one I made in Creme Brulee.

Terms used are in US.

  • dc = Double Crochet, which is treble in UK terms.
  • sc = single crochet (double crochet in UK terms).
  • crab stitch for the border, which is a single crochet worked backwards (reverse double crochet in UK terms).

Begin with a chain 6 and slip stitch to form a ring.

Round 1: chain 3 (counts as 1dc), work into the ring – 3dc, chain 3, 4dc, chain 3 (bold step is repeated 2 times), then slip stitch to 1st chain 3 space.  You will have 4x 4dc groups separated by 4 ch3 spaces.  Slip stitch to the top of the first chain 3 space

Round 2: slip stitch across the dc to the ch3 corner space.  ch3 (counts as 1dc) and work 3dc, ch3, 3dc, ch1 into the ch3 space.  Then in each of the last 3 corners work 4dc, ch3, 4dc, ch1.  Slip stitch to the top of the first chain 3.

Round 3-5: slip stitch to the corner space.  Work 4dc, ch3, 4dc, ch1 into each corner (ch3 space) and 4dc, ch1 into each ch1 space on the sides.

Keep repeating to desired size if you want it bigger.

Round 6: ch1 and work one sc into each dc and 3sc into each ch3 corner space.  Do not work into the ch1 spaces.  Slip stitch into the first sc.

Round 7:  ch 1 and work one crab stitch into each sc, and 2 crab stitch into the middle sc of the corner.  Slip stitch to the first single crochet and fasten off.

Enjoy!  If you have any questions, feel free to join my facebook group where you have direct access to me.

Seona x

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