Honouring You Crochet

Have you seen my sharing page on instagram?  It’s called Honouring You Crochet and I use it to share all of your crochet work!  Check it out at @honouringyoucrochet.

I am having so much fun with this page!  I started it in December last year, when the idea came to me.  I have been involved in photoaday challenges for the past few years on my personal instagram page and love seeing the photos from the prompts put into a grid to be shared and showcased.  And it creates a lovely sense of community.  It gave me the thought of setting up something similar for crochet so that I can help inspire others with crochet ideas and to help share everyone’s work as well as my love for crochet!

And here’s how it works…

  • Every week on a Friday night I announce a new theme and hashtag to use.
  • Everyone can tag their own photos with the weekly hashtag or the main page hashtag #honouringyoucrochet and I compile grids of their photos.
  • Starting on Sunday I share the grids that I have created with the weekly hashtag as well as the main page tag.
  • I always share 4 grids of 4 photos each day from Sunday to Saturday and tag the original makers in the photo as well as in the announcement.  Occassionally we get some extra grids because I have so much to share!
  • We all get to fall in love with the photos, meet new crocheters and add to our never ending list of project ideas!

So how fun is that?!

The first week of every month I dedicate to a colour and the other weeks I try and set to a monthly theme.  Sometimes I have to search other hashtags to find photos to have enough to add to the grids, but it means we get to meet even more people who crochet!

Here are some of our most recent themes…







So come and join us!  Follow @honouringyoucrochet and tag your crochet makes with #honouringyoucrochet or the weekly theme to join in!  It’s a great way to meet more crocheters and find inspiration for your next project!

Seona x

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