Mystery Cowl

I love to design.

I have an abundance of premium quality yarn in my stash.

I love cowls.

This all prompted me to come up with my “Mystery Cowl” option in Etsy!

I ran a poll on instagram and facebook, and while not everyone said they would buy one, many said they would…so one is better than none right??

So here’s how it works.

Pictured below is an example of the premium hand dyed yarn that I have in my stash.

Most of these have come from subscription boxes that I get every month, or they are impulse purchases because the yarn just looks so pretty!

Either way, you will get yourself an awesome deal if you decide to go ahead and order a Mystery Cowl.

You get to select from my choices of yarn based on your preferred colour and what I have in my current stash.

You get to decide on the basic style of the cowl – button style, snug, larger infinity, loose cowl.

I get to decide on the stitch design and overall finished look.

You get an Original Piece that was made just for you.

I get to reduce the amount of yarn in my stash and design a new pattern, which might become available as a pattern in my store.

There might be some limitations to the design based on the yarn that you choose, but I will be as upfront and honest as I can before I start to make it.

And I promise that you will be receiving a bargain as the price set is less than the cost of the yarn and my time to make it!


There is so much to gain for both of us, so if you’re interested then head on over to my Etsy store and view the listing.  Or reach out to me through instagram, facebook or my store and we can create your Mystery Cowl!

Seona x

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