Gradient Yarns

I don’t think it’s a secret that I am fond of a gradient yarn.  In fact I plan to create an ebook of my patterns that use a gradient yarn sometime in the future, once I get enough of them completed that is!

I thought that it was also time that I shared some of my favourite gradient yarns with you – or at least some of my favourites so far!  And I just keep on discovering more of them!

Why are they a favourite?

There are many reasons:

  • Most that I have used come as a 1000m (1km!) or longer cake of yarn.
  • The colour changes are just so fascinating – most change one strand at a time and it is amazing how fast your hook can go when you can see a change is near!
  • I don’t have to change colours or decide on colour combinations as someone has already done that.
  • They can make some really beautiful pieces.

The first, which is the first I ever used, is the Scheepjes Whirl.  I have created 3 patterns based on these and call them my whirl series.  This yarn is 4ply yarn and there are an amazing number of colour gradients to choose from.  It provides a lovely drape and is 60% cotton.

My newest find is the wollfomas and another one that I love!  Like the whirls, there are lots of colour options to choose from.  This one is 50% cotton and comes in a variety of lengths and ply.  This is one that has each strand of yarn separated, which worried me at first, but it is amazingly easy to use.


Stenli muffins and souffles are another.  I have used one of the muffins and have purchase but not used a souffle so far.  They also come in some amazing colour combos!  The muffins are 2000m and 100% acrylic. As far as acrylics go, it is quite easy to work with and like the wollfamos cakes, it is in individual strands.  The souffle is shorter in length, but is 85% cotton!  I haven’t worked with one yet, but it does feel lovely and the gradient is similar to that of the whirls.

I also love a hand dyed gradient.  These prices and styles are all over the place and Etsy is a great place to look for them.  These are much more subtle with the colour changes.  You can also buy them as individual skeins and work then in one by one.


I have barely even begun to touch the surface of gradient yarns, but trust me when I say they are so much fun to work with!

I recently covered them on @honouringyoucrochet too if you want to get some ideas!  Check out #hyc_gradient

So which ones are your favourites to work with?  Or which one will you be playing with next?  I’d love to hear about them either by commenting below or with show and tell in my facebook group!

Seona x


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