Lola Yarn

Lola yarn is my new love!  I have written of some gradient yarns previously, but that was before I knew Lola, so I thought I should show her some love here too!

Gradient yarns are a favourite for me.  The colours are pre-determined and the colour change happens for you, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover Lola!

There are so many colours to choose from with Lola!  And you get to design your own too if you want.

There are way too many to describe here, but I can tell you about some that I have seen and used.  All that I have used have been made with four threads.  They are all individual, which can take some getting used, especially if you don’t tend to hold your thread too much while you work.  I do know that some add a small bead before they start so that the threads stay together better.  I haven’t needed to do this though.

Glitter Lola.  She is so pretty.  All the way through the bobble is a glitter thread.  The glitter thread does drape and crochet in differently, but was easy enough to work in with the other threads.  It also meant I could keep the design simple too so that the glitter thread could shine and be the feature!  I used this one to make my Fairy Floss Sparkle Lola.

Rainbow in…I used Rainbow in the Wood.  I wasn’t sure of this as I was using it.  This one had a brown and a cream thread all through it and it had the colours of the rainbow switch in and out.  It wasn’t until I took one photo of it laid out that I could see the magic of the rainbow and I truly fell in love!  I used this one to make my Rainbow in the Woods Poncho.

Bali. I have not yet used Bali, but I do have one on my shelf.  It’s a lace weight and I love that it is 100% cotton!

Lambswool and Silk.  This one is on it’s way to me.  I have too many Lola’s on my shelf right now to purchase more but I did it anyway!   Coco 727 will be hitting my home soon as I love working with silk.

Bobbel Boxx. I have a box of these on the way to me too!!  These one come as minis separately in a box.  And I believe you can also pick your own colour combo.  I purchased the Ice Peach, and I’m toying with a blanket idea in my head.  They’re perfect for switching the colours in and out and making up your own gradient!

I promise that this is only some that you can choose from.  I order all mine through Yasmin at BelleMae Yarns.  I know that she has a lot more coming soon!  I am also teaming up with Yasmin for a new project coming up.  I love her energy and I love the BelleMae Yarns experience that comes with every order I make.  I also want to give more people the opportunity to share the same experience too!  So if you have signed up to my newsletter prior to June 2019, then you get an opportunity to win a Lola of your own!  And get the full BelleMae Yarns experience.  If you haven’t signed up, then be sure to head here and do so (you might even get a free pattern to say thank you!).

It doesn’t stop there though!  Giving away yarn will also be part of my Hooked on Crochet Club coming soon!  Be sure to be on the list if you want to hear more and in the running every single month…

Be sure to show me your photos if you get yourself a Lola!

Seona x

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