Reasons to Crochet: The yarn is pretty

It’s time to continue again with my series of reasons to crochet! It seems like forever since I last wrote about the reasons. If you want to play catch up, just click on each title below to take you to it.

Reason 1: It’s therapeutic | Reason 2: Stress Relief |

Reason 3: Creative Outlet | Reason 4: You can take it anywhere

Until you learn to crochet you never really understand the attraction to yarn. It can really become part of the obsession to the craft!

When I first started to crochet I was drawn to the colours. I didn’t have a lot of choice near me so I didn’t appreciate the difference that the quality and fibre within the yarn could have to the entire crochet experience. I would buy based on the pretty colour and struggle through working with some of them because I thought that was how yarn was.

It wasn’t until I started delving into the world of subscription boxes that I began to learn that the fibre and quality of yarn made a difference to the projects I was making! Discovering different yarn then becomes a new joy within the craft of crochet – or any fibre crafts!

Playing with the different weights and texture of the fibres soon become an art in itself. Once you start to touch the yarn you also awaken other senses and fall in love with more than just the colours. The endless combinations and sources will keep us in yarn heaven forever!

Over time every crocheter will develop a preferred taste for yarn and reason for their preferences. It might be related to budget and what they have immediate access to. Some will be drawn in by the projects they prefer, some by the colours and some by the fibre. And some like me who are a sucker for anything yarn related and purchase enough yarn to see them into their after life!

If you’re just getting into crochet, don’t be afraid to try some new types of yarn. Look for sales to try something new. The yarn really can make a difference to how you feel about crochet. I still remember using my first silk blend…the yarn would just glide off my hook and I still remember that effortless feeling while crocheting.

If you’re not sure where to start, I have covered some of my favourites in past blogs if you want to check them out – Lola Yarn Gradient Yarns Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Knit Picks Dishie

I almost think that crocheting should come with a warning – there is a strong chance of addiction to yarn!

If you’re wanting to learn to crochet be sure to get your free beginners guide from me. The yarn might not seem like a reason to learn to crochet, but it really is part of the joy of the craft.

Seona xx

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