The crochet stitch symbol guide you always needed…

One of the biggest struggles I have seen with many crocheters is that they can’t read patterns. It becomes a source of frustration because there is a project they like but they find that they can’t follow it unless they can find a video for it. That saddens me as I wish for everyone to be able to crochet what ever they set their heart to!

Some of the reasons that contributes to the struggle of reading crochet patterns is that they can’t remember what the abbreviations mean, they don’t recognise the symbol or they can’t remember how to make the stitch.

This is why I created my stitch symbol guide.

This guide contains the abbreviation, symbol and instructions for the basic stitches (one for US terms and one for UK/AUS terms) and the most common special stitches. Ever found yourself confused between puff stitch, popcorn and bobble? This guide has them all on one page so that you can quickly remember the difference!

I sent this guide to all of my email subscribers and asked them what they thought of it…I have never received so many replies! And everyone that took the time to reply gave positive feedback.

If you would like to get your copy of my stitch symbol guide, then all you need to do is sign up here and both the US and UK guides will be sent to you!

I have a few other handy guides in the making too so keep your eye out for them! I’m also happy to hear what else you get stuck with…it might be something that my future guides will help with, or it could spark an idea for a new guide! Let me know in the comments…

Seona xx

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