Griddle Stitch

Griddle stitch (also known as Lemon Peel Stitch) is a great stitch to introduce you to texture! This is one of my favourite stitches for its simpleness and flow when you’re creating it.

The stitch is a simple combination of alternating single crochet and double crochet across a row (or double crochet and treble if you prefer UK terms.

Things to remember when making this stitch:

  • Your foundation chain will be any uneven number, if starting within an existing row, you need an even number of stitches
  • Always start a row with single crochet and finish with double crochet
  • The single crochet always works into the double crochet
  • The double crochet always works into the single crochet

Now we have that covered, here is the stitch instruction card!

I’ve put together a short video tutorial as well.

And if you’re ready to start using this stitch, why not try out my Mulberry Washcloth Pattern! My washcloth series is designed to help you practice new stitches while making something useful. If you need a reminder on how to make the basic stitches used in this stitch, then be sure to download your copy of my stitch symbol guide!

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to me or comment below. Have fun with this one!

Seona x

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