Knit Picks Dishie

Today I need to tell you about Knit Picks Dishie!

This is my go to yarn for dishcloths.  It is 100% cotton, a really good price for 100g a ball and a worsted weight yarn which is hard to find here in Australia.  It doesn’t tend to split and stands the test of time when using it in the kitchen.

I love this yarn for coasters as well, and most recently made a market/beach/project bag with it too.  I’ve also been using it in a soap scrubbie too since switching to soap from a shower gel.  There are also quite a few colours to choose from (21) – my favourites being blush, conch, mint and lilac mist.

Have you used it?  Below are some of my examples.  I intend to have it available in my January workshop for the market bag below and I have use it for some of the patterns in my store.

I would love to see your makes too!  Be sure to tag them with #honouringmecrochet so that I can see them.

Seona x

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