A Little Competition…

As part of this business I decide that I would not be a give away account.  I’m not wanting hundreds of thousands of followers, unless of course they are genuinely in love with my work!  And because of that I decided not to do giveaways on any of my accounts.  it’s too easy to click to follow and then never show interest again.

I love crochet.  I love to make patterns that people of any skill level can follow and enjoy.  And I love to give.

So my way to give back to my little community, instead of give aways that go to anyone, I am running this competition.  And I’m thinking that this will become the backbone of future annual competitions too.

But it is only available to genuine followers. Those that love my work enough to sign up to my email list and stay subscribed to it.  They’re the ones that I want to reward and those are the ones that I love to have follow me.

So, if you follow me on instagram or facebook, you might have seen this post already, but in case you haven’t I’ve also copied the details below.

It’s competition time! This will run from now until the end of November, and the winner will be announced in December. 
What does the winner get?? The winner will be provided with a coupon code that will give them access to ALL of the patterns that are in my online store (does not include patterns available exclusively to yarnsforall or on other sites where I make them available). The coupon will be valid until the end of December next year (2019), which means you will also get all of my patterns that come out in 2019 too!

So how do you get your chance to win?
1) subscribe to my newsletter (link is in my profile or in my popup form in my store)
2) your name must be on my email list at the time the winner is drawn and you must remain as a current subscriber to be able to use the coupon (if you unsubscribe your coupon will be deactivated)
3)Tag a friend in this original post for extra entries! One tag per comment please as only the first name each comment will count as an entry. Fb and ig count on this original post only.
4) Open to existing subscribers too.

So will you be in it to win it?! By subscribing to my newsletter you will receive a single email on the first of each month. My newsletter also has a coupon code for various discounts or a competition, so you’ll continue to have the chance to win things or get discounts each month too!

This competition is run by me. Only one winner will be selected. Winner will be notified by email and will be announced in my January 2019 newsletter. GOOD LUCK 

So what are you waiting for?!  If you want a chance to win, then be sure to sign up now.  I look forward to sharing even more crochet with you when you do!

Seona xx

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