Reasons to Crochet: One – It’s Therapeutic

Crochet is a craft that delivers many benefits, and they are benefits I’ve shared over social media before.  I thought that it would be of value to cover them in a bit more depth on this blog over the next while so that you might find your reason to spend more time on the craft.

The first reason to crochet is…

It’s Therapeutic.

Crochet has certainly helped me therapeutically, especially when you find the right pattern.  Not all patterns or designs will offer the therapeutic benefits to the same extent.  If you’re having to spend too much time counting and thinking and deciphering what needs to be done, it can be more difficult to feel the benefits until you see the finished piece.  But if you can find the right pattern, and it fits your skill level, then the therapeutic effects can definitely be felt!

To get the full benefits you should be looking for the following type of pattern:

  • One that gives your hook rhythm.
  • One that allows you to just crochet without too much thinking.
  • One that allows you to just sit and lose yourself in the stitches.
  • One that does not have a lot of stopping and starting for colour changes.
  • One that does not require too much counting, or the counting is in a simple sequence.

Finding a pattern that is therapeutic can help you to just forget for a while.  Whether it’s a hard time in your life, maybe you’ve suffered a loss or maybe you just need an escape from the every day worries.  Crochet can help!

My family and I have gone through a lot of big changes this year – we’ve had to say good bye to a number of furry and feathered friends due to old age and illness, we had to say good bye to our boys we’d been fostering for more than 5 years, my husband was made redundant from a job he had spent 15 years in, I’ve had some medical worries, and so has my daughter.  It’s been a really big year for unplanned changes! And that is only some of them!

And having gone through big changes and loss without crochet in the past, I feel that having crochet has definitely helped me the most with this year.  One big loss and change after another wears you out, and it has been a blessing to have my crochet to turn to.

If you’re looking for a craft to help you navigate the turmoils of life, then I urge you to pick up a hook and a find a pattern that you can lose yourself in.  If you have never crocheted before or it’s been a while since you tried it, then check out my beginners guide to help you learn or get back in to it.  You can also join my free facebook group – the Crochet Learning Corner – where you can get video lessons to go with the guide and you can ask for help and support.


If crochet has helped you through something and you wish to share to help others, then let me know how it helped you in the comments below.

Or maybe you have a crochet project you could recommend?  Feel free to share!  Many of my patterns are therapeutic, but I’m sure that there are others out there too.

Seona x

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