Reasons to Crochet: Four – You can take it anywhere

I thought it time to pick back up on my series for reasons to crochet. Today we’re on reason number four – you can take it anywhere!

If you missed, or have forgotten the previous reasons then you can look back on them here:

As a creative I have always enjoyed my crafts. And one aspect of crochet that I absolutely love is that you can take it anywhere! Literally.

Some crochet projects will be much easier to take places than others, and I have written about ideal travel projects before too. As someone that does not cope very well with sitting and doing nothing, having a crochet project makes travel and waiting times so much more enjoyable and productive.

As a child I always had a book in my hand when travelling and waiting, and I still quite often do. But crochet is now one of my go to options when travelling. Knitting and embroidery may also make good take anywhere projects, but a hook is much easier to pack and move with than knitting needles. And depending on the project, embroidery can become a bit fiddly with colour changes if in a waiting room.

Crochet allows you to still interact if watching your child play sports. You can still have a conversation (as long as you’re not counting) if you’re at a cafe or family picnic. There are projects that you can choose that don’t take up too much space when confined to a seat in a car, plane, bus or train.

And if the place you’re at can bring on stress or anxiety (I’m thinking doctors & dentist waiting rooms), then being able to crochet can be a very helpful tool to combat that.

I’ve crocheted in all sorts of locations – trains, buses, doctors waiting rooms, planes, cafes, family picnics, airports, stadiums of taekwondo events and car trips jump to mind. I’m sure you’ve probably crocheted there or other places too. I’d love to hear more!

If you’re looking for a craft to help fill travel time in your life then I encourage you to try crochet. If you can’t crochet yet, then try my free guide. If you already crochet and want to learn more, then consider adding your name to the waitlist for my Hooked on Crochet Club. We have new projects every month and many of them are perfect for travel!

Seona x

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