Travelling crochet

I have some travelling to do over the next couple of weeks – an overnight trip to Sydney for work and a few days away in Malaysia for my daughter’s taekwondo.

Since learning to crochet a couple of years ago, this will be the first time that I have gotten onto a plane and I was a little stumped as to how I would bring my crochet with me.  Because it needs to come with me!

The only other times I have travelled since learning to crochet have been car trips and so it was easier to just pack up whatever project or projects I was currently working on, in whatever project bag or basket best suited them, and just bring it with me.

This time I felt like my trips required a bit more thought.  Whatever I take with me can’t be in a big project bag.  The project also needed to be one that I did not need to rely on counting tricky repeats or keep track of them with the app on my phone.  I also didn’t want the project to involve lots of colour changes that require more yarn and scissors.  And it can’t be one that I need to write lots of notes on, which is what I do when it’s a new design.  It also needs to be a project that will last long enough that I don’t finish it too soon and need a second one!

So with all of this considered, I think I have come up with the perfect project!

I have started a new poncho for myself.  This will be perfect!  It is a simple two row repeat.  And has sufficient yarn for at least my first trip.  I’m undecided if I will crochet on the plane or not, but this super handy yarn bag will allow me to if I choose to.  If I had really thought it out properly then I would have started using the bag from the start so that I can use the nifty little hole in the top.  As it is I will just need to unzip the lid a bit and maybe protect the yarn from the zip somehow as the one I am using is a fingering weight and might get caught in the zip a bit.

My wollfamos project also fits quite neatly into the bag, so I’m considering taking that on my Malaysia trip as well as the poncho.  Or another gradient yarn that I have in the queue needing a project.  This bag is probably a good choice for my wollfamos and scheepjes whirls whether I am travelling or not too as it keeps the ball neatly contained!



If you’re after the yarn bag, then I suggest a google search.  This one was a gift for me in a woolswap, but I have seen them on Ali Express.  I’ve also seen some other types in my quick search that have little pockets on the outside and hold more yarn, so I might investigate and purchase one for my Malaysia trip.

At least now too I am more looking forward to my trips as I don’t need to go without my crochet!

I’d love to hear about the projects you’ve travelled with too!  Be sure to leave a comment or message me on facebook or instagram.

Seona x

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