the Hooked on Crochet Club

Crochet is my passion.  I taught myself a few years ago to honour my Grannie and I had no intent on doing much more than learn it and maybe make a few things.  What I wasn’t expecting was how addicted I would get to this craft.

I sew, I have done some knitting, I enjoy craft activities, but there is something different about crochet.  It has become more than just a craft that I do.  Crochet has become my meditation, my relaxation and my joy.  It is my outlet for the stresses of the day and my favoured way to pass the wait times and unwind.

And I know that I am not alone in enjoying the side benefits of crochet.  So many of you that I have met along my journey also crochet because of the added benefits (and you know I don’t just mean the yarn and pretty accessories!).  Some of you have chronic illnesses or have battled or are battling serious disease.  Some of you need an outlet for stress from the kids.  Some of you are home a lot more than you used to be and need something to help you pass the time.

I get it.  Crochet is our therapy.  It is our happy place.

On my journey I have also noticed that a lot of us are teaching ourselves crochet.  We’re searching for you tube videos, posing questions in facebook groups or crochet sites or asking a friend.  There aren’t many local workshops available, and they usually target the beginners.  There are also some local groups that will get together and crochet too, but they are the established crocheters.

All of this prompted me to start thinking about what I could do to help more people crochet.  So many of us benefit from the craft and I want so many more to benefit too!  I want to help fill the gaps in people’s knowledge and help you all build on your crochet skill set.  And that is why last month I mentioned that I have something new and exciting coming your way…

Well it’s time to tell you more!

The Hooked on Crochet Club! (How cool is that name?!) is coming!  I’ve been teasing a little bit on instagram and facebook and would love for you to follow me there!

Copy of Copy of Hooked on Crochet.png

Doors to the Crochet Clubhouse will be opening a little later this month, and when they do, they will only open for a short while and then they will close until next quarter.  If you already want to be the first to find out what is happening when, then be sure to add your name to the door list!  There will be special founding clubhouse pricing for those that opt in early and it will be the only time it is offered.

Let me tell you a bit more about the Hooked on Crochet Club.

The Hooked on Crochet Club is a place where crocheters can come and develop their crochet skills.  Each month I will be providing two patterns and they are “Patterns with a Purpose“.   Both patterns will use the same stitch design, and one is for a small project, the other for a larger project.  The intent is to help you to practice a new stitch or stitch design on a small project before you decide if you want to go on to make the bigger project.

How many of you have WIPs (works in progress) that are sitting there because you aren’t enjoying making them?  This club is going to help prevent that from happening!  Crochet is a personal thing and we all have our preferences.  Sometimes the big projects can look beautiful but it isn’t until you start making it and get part way through that you realise it just isn’t for you.  Trust me, I have all the yarn for a huge mandala that I haven’t gotten past round 16!

How many of you have projects you want to try but don’t feel that you have the skills that you need?  My Patterns with a Purpose will help you gain that confidence and develop the skills that you need!

We’ll be following a rotating monthly theme.  Texture, rows and rounds.  I discovered in my workshops that not everyone that crochets can do each of these.  Some have never worked with texture, some had never worked in rows.  That shocked me a bit, but I get it.  If you haven’t been shown, then you don’t know.

Everything will be provided digitally on the first of the month.  There will be a detailed video tutorial for the small project, live hook and learn sessions throughout the month and the opportunity to have direct access to me to help you out when you’re stuck.

And yarn…there will be a yarn give away every month.  You might need to do a little something to be in the running, but it’s for yarn!  And for yarn worth having…just check out this store to find out what you could be getting…

And all of this will help you along a crochet success path below.  You’ll see more in the Crochet Clubhouse and I am guessing that some of you could tick boxes in more than one box below!  My task is to help you along this journey to where you want to get to.

How Hooked are you_.png

So what do you think? More details will be coming out in the next week or so, but you’re going to need to be on my door list to be the first to know.  The doors will only be open for a short while and they won’t open for another 3 months once they close.  So if you want to have the opportunity to be one of the founders of the clubhouse be sure to get on the door list!

While you’re still here, why not comment below as to how hooked you believe you are already…and how hooked you want to be…There is a place for everyone in the clubhouse, no matter what your level so far!

I am really, really excited for you and the clubhouse.  This really is just the beginning of what will be on offer.  I have so many more plans for it, and I haven’t even told you all of what you will get from the Hooked on Crochet Club!

I would love for you to follow me on social media…instagram and facebook …and spread the word!

Seona x



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