Rainbow in the Woods Poncho

So a little while ago I discovered a new little online store for yarn that is here in Australia, BelleMae Yarns.  Yasmin is the lovely owner of this store and she stocks the Scheepjes yarns which I love.  Looking through her online store I also discovered a new gradient yarn in the Lola’s and I fell in love!

Of course that meant I had to buy yarn, so I purchased a Scheepjes Woolly Whirl as I hadn’t tried them yet, as well as two Lola’s – the Trio in Petrol and Rainbow in the Woods.

The package that arrived was beautiful!  Hand wrapped with a personalised card in it too and a little gift inside.  I get excited just seeing yarn arrive so you can imagine what it was like getting it all presented as a special gift just for me!  Yasmin also has a facebook group that you can share what you have made with her yarns too.

So I decided to work with the Rainbow in the woods yarn first, and I am super pleased with how it worked out!  I wasn’t sure as I was making it as I am used to gradient yarns where all of the colour changes so that you get a gradual change from one colour to the next.  In this one though only the one strand changed all the way through, so i wasn’t sure until I took this photo and saw the rainbow appear.


When I started making this I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  I was thinking of a poncho, or scarf or cowl.  I was thinking buttons.  And I was thinking boho look.  I started out by picking a stitch design that I liked and beginning a great big rectangle piece.  What it ended up as would depend on how big it got and what I could transform it in to.

I ended up with this poncho that can be worn three ways – either as an asymmetrical one, a poncho or a scarf.  And I LOVE it.  So much so that I decided to share what I did as a free pattern now so that I could share it sooner.  Eventually I will add it to my store and other online places too, but I have a back log of them to write up at the present moment.

Here is what I did:

I used a 3.5mm hook and a 300g Lola which is 1125m.

Begin with a chain of 243.

US Terms – this is what I have written it in.

sc = Single crochet  dc = double crochet  ch= chain

To convert to UK terms the sc = dc = double crochet.  The dc = tr = treble.

  1. work 1 sc in the the 2nd chain from the hook, and 1sc in the next stitch too.  ch4, skip 4, 1sc into each of the next two chains.  Repeat the steps in bold until the end. turn.
  2. ch2 and work 1dc into the 1st stitch.  work 2dc, ch2, 2dc into each ch4 space.  Repeat the steps in bold into each ch4 space.  Finish with 1dc into the last sc. turn.
  3. ch2 and work 1dc into the first stitch and ch2.  work 2sc, ch4 into each ch2 space, At the last ch2 space work 2sc, ch2 and 1dc into the last stitch. turn.
  4. ch2 and work 1dc, ch1 into the first stitch.  Work 2dc into the first ch2 space.  Work 2dc, ch2, 2dc into each chain 4 space.  Repeat the steps in bold into each ch4 space.  Finish with 2dc, ch1 in the last ch2 space and 1dc into the last dc. turn.
  5. ch1 and work 1sc into the 1st dc and 1sc into the first ch1 space then ch4.  Work 2sc, ch4 into each ch2 space.  Repeat the steps in bold until the end and work 1sc into the last ch1 space and 1sc into the last dc.  turn
  6. repeat rows 2-5 another 24 times to row 98.

This is where it then gets a bit tricky.  Don’t fasten off though as we’re going to make this in all one piece.

First part you need to get clear in your head is that where your hook is now, is going to be the start of the neck hole and the seam that joins the piece together to make it look like a poncho.  Note though that the part you need to make into a seam is longer than where you need to join it.

The second part you need to get clear in your head is where you are joining.  If you look at my post from July last year for designing your own poncho you will see that the piece we have is the same as grid two.  As you look at the grid, your hook is going to be at the top left corner.  The top of the piece between where your hook is and where the blue line starts is going to be you neck hole.  You need to clip the piece together, beginning with where you hook is and creating a neck hole to put your head through.  You then need to clip the seam together – clothes pegs will work!  Note that the part you’r clipping on is going to be bigger than the part it needs to join to, so you’re going to need to form pleats like you would see in a pleated skirt.

Once you have the two parts clipped together, hold it up and maybe even try it on.  It should have a single corner which will be at the front and then will be straight across your back.

If you have all of that in your head (maybe even practice with paper), you can start joining.  You will need to work single crochet to seam the pieces together, some spots you will have 4 layers to work through to get through all parts.

Once you have the seam sorted, turn the poncho right side out so that the seam is in the inside.

Now you can create the border.  I promise it all get easier again now!


Round 1: You are going to work the first round in sc.  Work as evenly as possible on the section that is the side of your original piece.  Try and keep to a count of multiples of 6 through out this section.  When you get to the corner, work 3 sc and this should then place you on the row which is 2sc and ch4’s.  Work 4sc into each ch4 space and 1sc into each sc.  ss to the 1st sc to finish the round.

Round 2: This one has a picot stitch in it.  When I say picot, you are going to ch5 and then ss into the 5th ch from the hook.  Begin with a ch3 (=1dc), then work 2dc into the same stitch.  Make a picot and then make 3dc into the same stitch as the first three.  The Skip 5, work 3dc, 1 picot, 3dc into the next stitch.    Continue the bold steps all around.  At the corner work 6dc, 1 picot, 6dc.  Then continue on with the bold steps.  Once you get back to the start, ss to the top of the 1st ch 3 and fasten off!

You’re done and it should look something like this!

The image on the left shows the seam on the shoulder.  It gives a lovely gathered effect and looks asymmetrical when you where it.  The bottom right is worn more as a scarf and the top right is with the seam at the center back and looks more like a symmetrical poncho from the front.

So let me know how you go!  I will aim to eventually publish this as a paid pattern which will include the UK terms written out too.  When I do this post will be updated with the links to where you can get it.



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